Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes – Switch Review

To comment Travis Strikes Again I’ll borrow a couple of sentences from the review on Eurogamer, that completely destroys the game with no mercy.

“It’s about as punk as property developer Johnny Rotten going through the motions to hawk Country Life butter.”


It’s true! That’s exactly what Suda does with all the mentions and winking about the Unreal Engine in the game. And what is more punk that going in the very opposite direction of what is good everybody expects from you, even if it means breaking your bones doing it? It’s no Pokemon advertisement that makes you look cool and trendy, it’s fucking unhealthy, not vegan friendly butter. Take this!
Suda51 is the Sex Pistols of videogames, and Travis Strikes again is his Great Videogame Swindle.

In Travis Strikes again you’ll play ugly minigames, lousy levels that become duller and duller the more you progress to the point you really start thinking Suda is taking the piss and mocking you as a gamer.
Without a reference value (time/money spent on production) it is really hard to tell where the budget ends and the deliberate poor level design starts.
Even receiving the death sentence of an “AVOID” score, rather than a soppy and timid pass, is the best award that Travis Strikes again could possibly get.

“Travis Strikes Again ends up looking – and playing – like a Net Yaroze game made in a hungover fug.”

Yeah, and can you think of a better, accurate, loving description than this?


I agree about almost everything, excluding the fact that I actually had fun playing it. I found the hack’n slash core gameplay enjoyable and polished. Repetitive, yes, because Travis plays like Gauntlet in a crazy world.
It pays homage to old, weird and indie games but he never copies; it descends into the dark world of creating games level zero, when you experiment with events to get a grasp of the programming tools.
It reminded me when I lost my RPG virginity with an old RPG Maker, and I was like
“oh, so this is how they make Final Fantasy…” BOOM! Santa is dead, this are the strings that keep together a game, it’s like watching a puppet show from the backstage, and looking at the fat bastard’s bum crack while he waves his socks-wearing arms.


Here everything is unsteadily glued together by Suda’s style, wtf hilarious moments and the fastest visual novel in the world.
I especially liked how Suda keeps mentioning the Sacred Cow of indie gaming, Hotline Miami, almost as if he’s tricking us into compare it to Travis, except you can’t as they play two different sports.
When it’s over, and you try to collect your thoughts about the game, you are still wondering whether Travis Strikes Again is a scam or not. Who knows? But I had fun with it.

SCORE 9/10

+ There is some crazy stuff here
+ An ugly beautiful game
– Sometimes too ugly

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