Lifeless Planet – Switch Review

Ok let’s start by having a look at the game trailer

Interesting eh?
The trailer is really inviting and hard to resist: what are the Soviets doing on a supposedly lifeless planet? As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to play it just to know the answer.
Unfortunately all the mistery is there, in the trailer, and playing the game you get answers that are not as intriguing as the question itself. Then the plot takes another direction and eventually another one, with a decent finale that however doesn’t completely rescue the plot as a whole.

On the interactive side, Lifeless Planet plays half as a walking simulator and half as a platformer. I didn’t enjoy neither aspect too much. The scenario is quite dull and the Soviets didn’t left behind much more than some recycled buildings and while I appreciate that the landscape is . I understand that a real lost planet is probably very dull and a big crater isn’t necessarily full of activities, but even when the game introduce different scenarios, it doesn’t deliver anything particular interesting to investigate. I mean, you have a jetpack! A jetpack game is fun by definition but not here as in Lifeless Planet there is little emphasis on vertical landscape and the jetpack is mostly used to cover long horizontal jumps and it can only be used during some sections, leaving us with a weak double jump all the time.
I did not expect an Ico on Mars but it still felt a bit too empty.

When the game doesn’t recycle itself with the same badic puzzles (push rock, jump on rock) and crash bandicot reminiscent dull platforming, it manages to be somewhat interesting, but after a few hours I started wishing that it would end so that an excessive lenght would destroy the enjoyment I had so far. Game dragged on a wee bit more, but it eventually ended in a few hours, fiveish or something but it felt too long to me.

– The plot falls apart
– Dull landscape and platforming
+ You are an astronaut

Score 5/10

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