What will be your first game in 2019?

Happy New Year!

I was thinking about the blog and I realised something.
Often while I play a game I change my mind about it quite dramatically in a matter of hours. I am quite proud of my judgement ability and knowledge, yet I feel that exploring the thought process is much more interesting and can give more insight about a game than a simple review.

For this reason, I am thinking about changing the formula a wee bit, by introducing impressions along reviews, so I can talk about games I lik more than once.

Let’s see how it goes.


I don’t know what game I am going to start first in 2019. I was looking forward to play Xenon Valkyrie + which I preorder on Switch with a release date of 1/1/2019 which is today, but the game has not been unlocked yet. Why do preorders have to be such a source of disappointment?

I also have a craving for retrogaming. Let’s see where it takes me!

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