How mosquito Became Human – Review

How Mosquito Became Human sets the milestone of the first review code I receive for reviewing a game. So yeah pretty exciting, thanks guy for the trust accorded.

In How Mosquito (shortened) you start as a mosquito that flies around trying to abduct frogs with a short range tractor beam. Once you eat enough frogs, you turn into a frog that jumps around eating birds, eventually becoming one. The game goes on like this, I won’t spoil the surprise because the game is quite short, but its tale is told with humour while you progress through an hour or so evolutionary (?) journey of transformation in the ultimate life form.

The game was created for Ludum Dare, a competition that requires to create a game in just 48 hours. The build I have been handed for review shows a different level layout (you play in a single giant level) than the videos I have found online, and it features interesting secret passages and collectible object for you to gather for some reason, and it shows some work has been done in making the whole game more palatable. Unfortunately, the same care has not been put into interface: I found myself stuck in the bottom of a pit without any clear way to restart /suicide other than by rebooting the game itself, thus having to start from scratch, as the game doesn’t feature a full save system. If you die, you restart from the start of your current animal form, but there is no continue option if you close the game. In another instance, the game introduced a new mechanic that could be activated by pressing a button, but there was no hint of any sort in the game, and I had to resort to the classic keyboard stroll in order to find out how to proceed.

Otherwise, gameplay is simple but quite fun: each form has his own movement and abilities in a Monster World fashion, and I found quite amusing dealing with the hopping constraints of the frog jumps while navigating the platforms sections trying to catch those cheeky birds. At some point, I came to the conclusion that how Mosquito is designed to be one of those sadistic platforms meant to be frustrating at times and the game really works this way. There are moments of despair, deaths and frustrating hunt. It really captures the feeling of being prey and hunter at the same time, on your way to the top of the food chain.

Overall, it is an interesting tiny game, with an awesome title. I’d recommend to try if you are into super-niche games that favour the implementation of a gameplay idea rather than a polished experience. EDIT: but wait! at the time I’m writing this, the game is still broken! I was so close to complete it, and by digging some stuff I fell through the floor into a empty sky of sadness.

Please see a video of my demise below

+ gameplay is fun

+ presented with silent humour

–  annoying music

–  no saving system

– it’s broken at the moment


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